Spots & Dots

The spotted variety of the Bengal can take on many differences in patterns. A spotted Bengal can have a solid spot of one colour, or we can have a rosetted Bengal. A rosetted Bengal is still spotted, but the spots have two colours to them. Usually there is a dark spot of either brown or black, and then a kind of rust or orange shading inside or around the spot, creating a rosette like you would see on a wild cat like a jaguar. The photos below are all of brown Bengals, but you can have the same markings on any colour of Bengal.

Tilly Bengal Queen

Paw Print Rosette

Paw print rosette markings should be dark spots around a larger shaded spot filled with colour.

Arrowhead Rosette

Arrowhead rosette markings should be triangular in shape pointing toward the back of the body with the base of the rosette fading into the background.

Solid Brown/Black Spotted

Solid brown with black spotted markings.

Doughnut Rosette

Doughnut rosette markings should be large open spots that are filled with colour that is darker than the background colour and outlined in an even darker colour