Paparazzi Tilly Rose

  • Sire: Bengalvision Extreme Ferrari
  • Dam: Bengals Rising Star Sadie

Tilly Rose arrived in Australia 8/16. She has stunning rosettes which are highlighted by a light base coat. Her short, tight pelt shimmers with loads of ‘glitter’. She’s got a lovely profile and a sleek body.

Valleycats Airlie Road

  • Sire: Orelia Georgie Boy
  • Dam: Mekeeta Juliet

Airlie has a soft, sleek pelt with small, rounded rosettes and shimmers with loads of glitter. She has a lovely head and profile and solid build with a short, think tail.

Valleycats Ashleah

  • Sire: Chantay Mystic Warrior
  • Dam: Mekeeta Juliet

Ashleah has a tight, sleek pelt with a lovely head with a strong chin and slender body. She has a darker base coat with nicely rounded rosettes with is nicely glittered.


Paparazzi Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Sire: Bengalvision Extreme Ferrari
  • Dam: Contessa Bengals Coco Puff Chanel

This outstanding boy arrived in Australia in August 2016. His bloodlines are supreme with world class championship winners. Leo has a lovely head with a great profile. His rosettes are highlighted by his light base coat.

Orelia Georgie Boy (AKA Orlando)

  • Sire: Adelhills Brave Heart
  • Dam: Adelhill Frey Delight

Georgie Boy has an outstanding pedigree with a number of championship winning cats. He has a heavy build with a rounded head, small rounded ears and a lovely profile. His striking eyes are just mesmerising. His tail is short and thick, and nicely striped. Georgie Boy has so far produced stunning kittens with lots of ink.

PaparazziBengal Orion


  • Sire: Kanpur Gala Knight Fendi
  • Dam: FashionBengals Gianna Valentia

What can we say about this boy but WOW. This magnificent Bengal is large in size and in personality. He has the most amazing rosettes with a stunning Asian Leopard look head and rounded ears. His pelt is soft and nicely glittered with well defined rosettes and a whitened belly.